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Hold On To Your Heart - text

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You'd better hold onto your heart
Theres a girl, she's around
She listens to your songs and she starts to sing along
And she'll hold onto your hand
And you'll feel just like a man
Who's never seen the sun till the day she turned you on
And she sleeps, jungle cat
With her claws sinkin in
And the rain on her feet
Like the tears of heaven's gate
and her legs, she stands..... So Tall
Hold on to your heart
If you want freedom, don't believe 'em
Once they have your heart, tear it apart
You can't remember where you are
Always walking round
Head up in the clouds,
Feet don't touch the ground
Doesnt matter where you are
Don't really care where you're going
As long as she is with you, man
It's just livin'
And she smiles like a queen
I'm a pawn at her feet
And her hair
It's alive with all the creatures of the night
And she laughs, she stands... So Tall

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