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Do What I Do - text


Do you ever wonder what we're here for?
Did it ever cross your mind?
If you could just get out and see more
You may never know what you mind find

No satisfaction in your lounge room
The walls are slowly closing in
You keep on humming only one tune
It's probably your only state of thinkin'

And if you only knew what I've been going through
Maybe then you'd see that you don't
See that you don't

Do what I do
What I see
What I see
What I know
What I know
What I play
What I play
I've been playing my whole life just living like I do
Now I don't need anybody like you

Closer and closer all the time
How about some breathin' space instead of crowdin' mine
I pushed away but to no avail
You'll just come back twice as strong
And it's just a useless tale

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