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Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves - text


I'm drivin' this truck on a mountain road
I got a hot rod rig and I'm flyin' low
My eyes are filled with diesel smoke, hairpin turns ain't no joke
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves

I was out last night drinkin' beer with the guys
Got an achin' head and blood shot eyes
I ended up with a pretty little dame, I didn't even know her name
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves

If I'm gonna deliver this hot shot freight
I gotta get goin' cause I'm runnin' late
These mountain grades are mighty steep
Gonna stay awake, can't get no sleep
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves

There's a cute little waitress at the bottom of the grades
She's got the coffee already made
I gotta keep my eyes upon the road
I'm comin' down the hill with a heavy load
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves

Well I must have closed my eyes for a while
Cause here I am and I'm runnin' wild
I turn my brakes, strip my gears
Gonna have to ride her down I fear
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves

I wish I'd left the women alone
But it's too late I'm already gone
I got myself into this fix
All because I tried to mix
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves
Diesel smoke, dangerous curves

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