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I've got a little secret for you
Even now there's something to be proud about
You'll come up the hard way
And they'll remind you every day, you're nothing
My words in your mouth are mumbled all about
You're like a journalist
No you can't cut and paste and twist
You're awful
And tell it to your king
Go on and tell him everything you know
Tell him you know how I feel
Tell him you know how I feel at the palace gates
I’m all levered off my face
And just to work out what it's on about
I can see snakes in eyes
And danger signs
If you were late
You mustn't dare complain
Oh, you won't like this at all
There's nothing to break your fall
Tell it to your king
Tell him everything you know
And you know how I feel out of place
Until I'm levered off my face
And I can work out what she's on about
Didn't they explain?
You have to play the game
Jack drinks and smokes his cares away
His heart is in a lonely way
Living in the ruins of a castle built of sand

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Up the Bracket

The Libertines texty

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