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Violence In Our Minds - text


I was walking down the road with a dozen pals of mine
Looking for some aggro, just to pass the time
We met this stupid hippy and he tried to run away
But i punched him in the nose just to pass the time of day

Great big boots, great long laces
Our jeans held up with scarlet braces
Get out of our way or get took for a ride
We've just got violence in our minds
Wake up in the morning, have me ready brek
Drink me cup of Bovril and wring my mothers neck
Strollinto town, beat a Soul Boy black and blue
Put a fruit gum in the meter cos there's fuck all else to do


We go to football matches, we always have a laugh
Always get some bovver in, before the second half
We have our selve a smashing time, we really have some fun
Especially when the odds are ours 25 to 1, to 1

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