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Right or Wrong - text


Innocence belongs to children
Jealous eyes are following you
In order to promote themselves
They drain your energy and youth
Keep the dark thoughts with you
Ignoring their existence
It doesn't matter how to attack
Only the right decisions

Hey new born
Are you sure to open the door?

You are under pressure baby
The world is seeking you
Prove before they shut your mouth
You are paid for what you do
Corruption belongs to the rich
But also to the poor
Being honest to the neighbourhood
Should be taught in the school

Hey kid, you are cheating on the test
Mr. Politician you should be under arrest
Imagine the world through the eyes of a child
Be innocent to care, be fair enough to judge
Vain and selfishness infected our people
Be innocent to care, be fair enough to judge

Text přidala JesseVampire

Video přidala JesseVampire

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