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Too Many Times - text

Since over thousand years of our history
We were always here with pride and dignity
Fighting for our rights, fighting for our lives
In the sea of blood we were fighting to survive.
On the barricades, on the battlefields
We were bleeding for that land, dying on the streets
Raising flag with pride always head up high
Fighting against evil forces and their bloody lies.

Smashing sickle and the hammer, smashing svastika
Under occupation but still free in their hearts.

These People too many times
had suffered but they made a stand
TO FIGHT!!! ...and free their own land

So many uprisings against evil men
Fallen mothers and the children, cry of innocence.
Even when this country dissapeared from the maps
People always had strong resistance in their hearts.
Never surrender and never break down
Like a phoenix from the ashes raising for this land.
You may try to break us down, You can try to kill
We will fight to survive and we'll always win

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