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It's always i feel i'm not sure if i can do anything else
Alcohol fills voids temporarily it spills out leaves the wound raw
I feel like hell at least i know i'm back to my old self
Who would have thought changes effects were so widespread
Who would have thought a friendship's a relationship too
Maybe i shouldn't have friends and
Christ how i've grown in the past few weeks
Maybe i shouldn't befriend anyone else till I realize there's

No me in team
No i in said
Once again i forgot what i am doing
And i don't know who you are fooling
And just for the record it never means nothing
I can't keep up so lay back down
There's still a few minutes to sleep in in
My apartment is as empty as me

Didn't i want it that way
Nobody wants it that way

I put myself in stupid situations i'll never make it out alive
It's hard to make plans when your plan is someone else

No time to sleep
And i bet you could only guess
How good it feels to be on your own
It's hard to stand when you build your life on someone else
It's hard to breathe when you are running from yourself

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