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[Verse 1:]
Drivin' in my car
Damn near cut me off
Now you're in the fast lane
So you better not slow me down
And I refuse to change my direction
So you best make up your mind
Before I get caught in the intersection
And blinded by traffic lights

Said that we'd make signals
Get right or get left
Don't seem like you're ready
So just get out of my way
Said that we'd make signals
Get right or get left
Don't tell me you're sorry
So just get out my lane
Slowin' me down [x2]

[Verse 2:]
And now we're moving faster
You're catching up to speed
And yes your car looks good to me
And you know it, don't try to speed off
Like I ain't teach you, well you know
Are you ready for the open road


Slowin' me down [x2]

Warning signs were there, but we never cared
So we crashed and learned a lesson
And to take care of the damage
We need to admit that accidents happen
So if it's cool with you, I'll just be on my way

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Video přidala MAKY-OREL

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