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It's been three weeks since I saw you
Since I said goodbye to
Everything I knew
I thought that day would never come
Well, I guess that I was wrong cause
It's already come

I miss the smiles I miss the laughs
Sometimes I wish that things could just go back
To the way they used to be
When you were with me

Take me back to all those times
That we knew back before
When we were running we were playing
And we still knew nothing more
The innocence we had could never last forever
And daddy look at what I learned to play today
Do you think that I'll be famous one day
When you see me now I hope I make you proud

So I'll spread these wings and try to fly
And if I fail at least you know I tried
I hope that I make you proud
Even if I fall

It's time to say goodbye it's now or never
No I can't stay here nothing lasts forever
I loved you then I still love you now
And I know nothing ever changed it
No, not then, not now

Life can change so suddenly
So thanks for taking care of me
I hope that I make you proud

Text přidala Kelly-H

Video přidala Kelly-H

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