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Closer To You - text


These miles and miles that keep me from your heart
Seem to grow just a little bit farther away each day
These nights and nights that leave me chasing stars for you
Just seem to sweep me out to space

But count me in
I can't pretend
That I'm letting go
Hey there girl so nice to see you
Don't play games
You know
I need you bad
So bad

Oh too tired to say it's getting old
Let's take a walk
Let's take a walk out in the cold
I'll keep you warm
I'll keep you warm

Just let me get a little bit closer to you
From coast to coast
I'll make this toast
Sing songs for you just to watch you sail away
From me
But please don't leave
You're a part of me
I'm never letting go

All the world can't stop me now
I'm all for you all of me now
So come and take my hand tonight
I'm lost for you
I'm lost in time

All the world can't keep me from
Your heart I'm taking every part
There's no one left for us to find
Cause I am yours and you are Mine

Text přidala Kelly-H

Video přidala Kelly-H

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