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Piece By Piece - text


You know the words to every song i've wrote.
Front row at every single gig I go.
Looking for a better place to call home, no that I ain’t home.
You strut up to me
place my hands upon your cheeks
you're so close you can feel the heat.
Then you whisper in my ear
you know what I wanna hear
you know that i’m all yours tonight.

You know what I want(yeah)
Piece by piece
you know what I want (yeah)
piece by piece

You say baby, buy me these.
I say baby, maybe if you say please.
I don’t know if you're here for you, or you and me. You stare at me, what’s wrong?
There’s more to me than my songs
you're surprised that it took this long.
Now you're nowhere to be seen
despite all the begs and pleads
you don’t know what life you want to lead.

You know what I want (yeah)
Piece by piece
you know what I want (yeah)
Piece by piece
Cheek to cheek
You and me.

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