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Final Departure Stamp - text


The first: " Vienna is waiting for u
Sell these lands, u will be happy to
I'll take them for tow times or more
Your future is great don't waste that too"

The second: " I'll think about it cus this land is mine,
And for some reason I don't feel it's the time
To leave this house forever for others
And leave this ground for someone could bothers"

Their fate was sealed
It couldn't be changed
It couldn't be healed

The third: "why accepting his offer my son?
Do you need any cloths or anything done?
In this place we had our finest hour
Our history here is the greatest treasure"

the first :" have you thought for a second of it
The answer is "no", you will pay for it
So be warned that this place you will leave
your history ends where ours deceive"

Their fate was sealed
It couldn't be changed
It couldn't be healed

They never knew
That the time is running short
To pay the due
Of something they never thought

That cursed prophecy became true
} All the pain and agony they lived through
By no reason or justice it was caused
The final blue departure stamp was used

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