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This head holds fragments of some shattered glass
They act as puzzle pieces with a sharp contrast
In part to what once hung here
Before the violent collapse of the whole damn thing
I've dug through pieces and ripped out my hair
No way to tell if they are all still there
No way to tell if I will ever fully see my reflection again

I was born on a set of stairs
Higher than i was even aware
I looked down to enjoy the view
And I caught a glimpse of you
You were tired, and hungry, and cold
Your hands were hard and your face was old
Your legs collapsed as you fell and spat
"Have you found what you're looking for yet?"

My hands hold letters from an old past self
I'd say we're all alone
And I'd know how it felt to be one whose lost, and cold, and empty
And I would sit down on the ground
And the system would say
"Move on! Move on! Move on! Move on! There's nothing to see here! We've got to keep this engine going! And this resistance has us slowing! And if he's more for you, then he is less for us, and that's exactly the kind of people we can't trust!"

And now I'm moving at the pace of the surrounding freezing air
Desiring to spit straight into the face of billionaires
But oh too damn far cowardly to do this on my own
I'm clinging to my theory books, Nietzsche, and Thoreau

My life's a flower and its growing
But I'm oh so insecure
The trick is always knowing
It's the rain that keeps us pure
It's the food for my mind and body
And it brings me back to Earth
So when the sun rises I can shut out all my doubt

(There is a light and it never goes out!)
I'll burn a hole in my chest so you can see through
(There is a light and it never goes out!)
I'll tell you things I thought I never knew
(There is a light and it never goes out!)
We'll build a home for me and you
(There is a light and it never goes out!)
I see the world for what I want it to be, and nothing else

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