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Our Lives Would Make a Sad, Boring Movie - text


To the people making life from lust
Abusing trust
And the fuckers who made fools out of the best of us:
You've swayed the public thought
That they're all that they've bought
And otherwise they're ugly people
That will soon be dust

To the schools that brought us up and had us 'socialized'
Teaching us the world through hall passes and single file lines
We are discouraged to ask questions or to raise a fist
No wonder nobody can tell there's something so much fucking bigger than this

We say everyday
That we won't grow up to live the lives that they do
Yet we only walk on footsteps that they set for us
Instead of clearing paths towards
Promised lands we dreamt about
And better worlds we read about

We leave our higher educations that we all 'must' get
With a signature stamped paper and a mound of debt
The bank has got us by the throat and then we're forced to settle
For the jobs we hate, 9 to 5, 40 hour, 40 years until the day
We are too weak to work, too frail to play
No friends or lovers because they've all passed away
We've waited for this day all of our lives long
And on our death bed the stereo plays our favorite teenage anthem song
And we sing along

To white, middle-class, suburban kids:
Start dealing with your privileges
Smash your TV, read a book
Or see the world instead
Enjoy the simple things in life because you can
Like your family, friends, community, and local bands

If there's one thing in your life that you'll never forget
It's that we're dead in our future but we're not dead yet
Your life starts right now so start acting like it
Or else you'll wake up one day feeling like a silhouette

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