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An Introduction to the Album - text


Open the curtains
Singing birds tell me
"Tear the buildings down."
You felt blessed
To receive their pleasant sound
The sound of things that break
Make you cringe inside yourself
Inside yourself there's a child
Counting stars in their time-out
In their time out of their day
In the corners of their frame
They are encased
In the losing of a grain
Of themselves
Pushed against the ebb and flow
Wave good-bye and watch it go

Well show me the honest, proper way
To disarm predatory gaze
That's sucking dry
And never satiated
You've been misused
Been rewired
You're short-circuiting now
Just remember when
You'd call me to come
Take a deep breath, and then jump
So fragile are bodies
So concave, work in
Self-destructive ways

You shot from the hip and missed
Detaching from all of this
In physical pictures you remain
Spiral 'round yourself in figure-eight
I recoil at every new beginning

I searched for a way out
Don't we all?
An existentialist recall:
Turn in all dichotomies and
Truths that I gave
I felt wrong in many ways
It didn't heal
It just got harder every day
To be still
To be passing
Through the throes
In a daze
Feeling heavy
Feeling cold in my skin
In my hand-me-downs
I'm wearing everything thin
And the pills
That you gave didn't do anything
I just slept for years on end

So if I call
Should I beg?
Because I'm desperate here;
A couple steps from the edge
I can't seem to burn bright enough
I'm cold and I'm left alone
We're all alone
Grab a hold
I know I said to not
What the fuck do I know?
I had a chance
To construct
Something beautiful
And I choked

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