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Down by the river, scorned by the winter
I fell to the dust
When all through the meadow, a lullaby echoed
And swept through the earth

I wonder if this sweet sparrow's song will carry me to you?
No one could know
All that I hold of you

A blanket of black came down
And swallowed the light around
Your hand in mine
And although the night has veiled the sun
I'll never run from you

I wonder if my heart empties
Will you still see it's for you? Oh
No one could know
All of you

And when my heart fell below the sea
The Waters rose and you reached for me
There the ground s'neath my feet
and oh, I won't let go of you

No one could know
All that I hold of you
Oh storms come and go
And all that I'll hold is you

Text přidala Rasp3erry

Video přidala Rasp3erry

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