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Woke up in the '20s and there were flappers
And fruits in white suits
It was right before the crash
We got thrashed throughout the '30s
Queuing up for soup with scabby sores
Then they sent us off to war

We came back in the '40s
And there were wheelchairs, guns and ticker-tape
We poured it on the floor
And we made love to the interstates
We got shiftless in the '50s
Holding hands and going steady
Twisting into dark parts
Of the large Midwestern cities

Tripped right through the '60s
With some blissful little hippie
Some Kennedys got shot
While you were screwing San Francisco
And the '70s got heavy
We woke up on bloody carpets
Got tangled up in gas lines
And I guess that's where it started

The '80s almost killed me
Let's not recall them quite so fondly
Some Kennedy OD'ed
While we watched on MTV
And in the '90s we were wired and well connected
Put it all down on technology
And lost everything we invested

We gotta start it off with a positive jam
Gotta start it with a positive jam, man
Gotta start it with a positive jam

All the sniffling indie kids
Hold steady
And all you clustered-up clever kids
Hold steady
And I got bored when I didn't have a band
And so I started a band, man
We're gonna start it with a positive jam

Hold steady

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