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I saw her dancin' with the devil
And he was wearing my shoe
Black and white Jordan elevens
And she was looking for abuse
Now she looked just like heaven
But her mind reeked of hell
Now I know I shouldn't be telling
But I guess I guess if you know her well
She's the kind of girl
She can believe me when I say, she can

She's already ready there, and already there.

Now what the devil want
Believe the devil gonna get
He gonna stretch her out
Like a tape in a cassette
And when you see these kinda girls
They all look big as Fud
But the devil know the devil know
There is only one thing tonight she gonna suck
Cause she wont no she cant
Believe me when I say
She cant
She's already there
She's already there

We got sixteen year old's acting like they forty year old's
Yo we need to do it and we need to re-clense the souls
I have an idea, lets take rich style high tronic system and we crush em out

Cause she wont she cant
Believe me when I say
She's already there
She's already there

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