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ll you've got
Oh, don't you wanna stay and play here?
We had ever so fun my doll
And I would never have you figured
As someone oh so frail

You wanna leave it all behind?
Well, good luck - our spirits are entwined
All you see is my gloating face
I thought that you were made of more
But I see, your spirit - it's so torn
Go ahead and try me

No IRE - I'll go - no matter what you say - I'll go

Please don't leave me here
I will be brave
You're all I got - Persona
I'll give my all
For just one glimpse of your pleasure
I would leave the world behind
No - Don't go - Don't forget me
I want to follow you there

I will leave you here, IRE

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Video přidala RonnieSt

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