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Stop the Noise - text


Let's go on holiday, we can be
Anyone we want, anyone we want
A new dress, we lose the stress don't you know
Your struggles are gone, looking for the one
It's no excuse for the animals, terrible
What we've become under the sun
Waking up, staying up
Keeping you up all night

Stop the noise, stop the noise
I wish that I could stop the noise (x2)

I spoke to the devil last night (What did he say?)
What do you want? What do you want?
Can you decide that you could help us and not just tempt us?
The state that we're in is wearing us thin
He said that when the ice came, when the floods came
We were alone, but what do we know?
A single man cannot build anything, anything
The difference is when the millions were meant

Stop the noise, stop the noise
I wish that I could stop the noise (x2)

To you in darkness, we want the daylight
We could disappear anywhere, anytime
You can't understand what we're doing here
We'll just stay awake while the sun is out today
All feeling starts to fade
All the millions of signs to say
Making noise was the way

I wish that I could stop the noise (x4)

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