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The name of love and the mother of mankind
Another thought from another state of mind
Another victory could turn the tide
Oh god, we’re surrounded on all sides
What was once there is now a thousand years away
What killed me might not make you stronger, but it still kills me to say
I know that the light never left your eyes
You need it now more than ever
I bet the leaves are changing where you are
I know we can’t all sleep through the weather
Heartache and silence bearing down onto me
Forward motion, there is no more in between
I saw a vision of regression
It brings be back to all those nights I couldn’t sleep
My heart is somewhere in between us, but I won’t find it at the bottom of this bottle
And then I asked myself, “Are you ready to go?”
There are still a thousand stories left to fall
When the crowd goes silent, the kids turn violent, pulling teeth and fingernails to wear around their necks
Standing on my head to get a taste of oblivion
I’ll let it get a taste of me ‘cause all I bleed is medicine
Buried underneath a life of concrete and cigarettes
Fingers turn to roaches breeding sin among the throes of regret
Lost in time, bereft of feeling, I’ve decided to let them take me
Save yourself

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A Moment of Silence

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