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Oh, someday I’ll be more lifelike
One day I will come home
Something tells me I am wrong
Will this fall kill me?
I put my faith in you
Oh, everything was a lie
Not a word that was said can be spoken again
Is it too late to try?
Maybe this one time
I feel that I am not alone
So pray for silence, pray for peace
Pray that everyone I love remembers me
What lies beyond the moon is not the heaven that they told me it would be
There was nothing here to see
We made a promise that we couldn’t keep
The air is getting thinner
I’m feeling atmospheric once again
So once my faith had gone the way of the beasts that walked the Earth before
Our separated selves were sewn together, now we’re something more
Someday I will be lifelike
One day I will come back home
I feel that I’m not alone

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