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With shoulders dropped and feeble arms outstretched, a heavy heart is defeated by circumstance
By one’s own volition to create life, the other, the lover, plans their escape
Now the rest that I can’t get off my chest
We’re waiting for it
The blood was thicker than the water of the womb
We’re orbiting the truth
This all became a huge mistake
It’s conversation for procreation’s sake
Let’s stifle our regrets because we always do what’s best
This empty void is reminiscent of the night the stars collapsed around the beckoning headlights
We held our breath
The ever-growing conviction
Just throw it all away
With guilt controlling the movements
When she told me, I felt nothing
God forbid I feel anything
The ambulance arrived to find that no one had survived, save for just one child

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A Moment of Silence

The Funeral Portrait texty

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