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The day you went searching like you're not afraid
But you scared your own self so you then ran away
And the fear got the best of you, you cannot escape
Your doubts everlasting, your infinite friend

You turned and you frowned as you spit in his face
Now you wonder why as the ground splits away
Yeah it's hard to admit that you've been a disgrace
This merciless game in this forsaken place

Spent all your time losing now you sit alone
Can't forget, can't explain, can't calculate
As you tried to remember with memory loss but the feelings embedded inside

All this time you've been running
Turning circles in your own mind
As if you don't realize you kept coming back around

All this time you've been running
Searching for a sign that sits somewhere
In the sky that's full of stars, they keep burning, changing
No it's never the same thing
Spend your evening complaining
Turning circles in your mind

All this time you've been running
Turning circles in your mind

The faintest of memories from your childhood days
Taking you back, oh those were the days
The first of many who tried to fit in
Thinking you're special you're one of a kind

Suddenly then you'd realize
That you feel spent like that poor man's last dime
And you'd drink all the water and finish that bread
Finish that wine, won't you rest your heavy head

Turning circles in your mind
Turning circles in your mind

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