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I get around
And find my limits
I feel the burden of my chains
The others said that I'm nothing, but
At last I've lost my faith
There was a time when I was praying
Due to the uncertainty of my thoughts
Then tigers broke in my home through the walls
At last I've lost my faith
At last I've lost my faith

We're here waiting for you
The end that will be
No windows open for
Your church of agony
The word is for the prophets
The act is for the man
Praise for your miracles
We're coming your way

We're ready for a spirit
That's never falling down
In death someone's gonna pile
The ashes of time

et cum vidissem eum
cecidi ad pedes eius tamquam mortuus
et posuit dexteram suam super me dicens
noli timere

Text přidala damnedSeal

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