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Fallen Reign - text


"One day you'll see the light",
The old man said to me.
In a faceless life,
Light of hypocrisy.

I'll see the darkness brighter,
Life will not succeed my memories
And in the mortal past
I've seen a holocaust.

Fallen reign in the distance
Fallen reign in your eyes
We're never satisfied
And the world disappeared.

What's the world with this light
That you guarantee?
What remains of this life,
Is it life?

And I remember
A crowd of voices out of the range
And stranger faces
With no expressions to exchange.

The pool of silver
Prepared us to some promised land
And deep the water
The light brought us farther.

Strangled land
We'll never stop and wondering why
Sacred fire
You'll never stop to burn.

Text přidala damnedSeal

Video přidala damnedSeal

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