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Down in the dumps
Me and the seagulls we were looking for lumps
They all get scared when off of one of the bumps: jumps
I have to clutch
I have to tell him his commands all in Dutch
He likes to treat but he don't like to touch much
I forget to fix his card
Down on Richmond Boulevard
Running through the yard, keenly
High on the hills
They laid the sod thought they were full of the fills
Now when we're searching I swear all of the kills stills
Wrinkling his brow
He takes a sniff and drags me over there now
He looks all worried when he tells me a bow wow
I forget to fix card
Down on Richmond Boulevard
Running through, keenly
Shade by the sheds
I drink a coke he digs a hole and he heads
Back where they came, where the trucks leave their treads, speds
Over the sift
He goes all round it past the end of his shift
I make him leave he lets me know he feels miffed, stiffed
I forget to fix my card
Down on Richmond Boulevard
Stumbling through the yard, sleepy

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