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Verse 1
Got me caught in your gravity, infinity
Everywhere you are is where I wanna be
Outta no where you appear in my atmosphere
Glowing like a sun, you are my breaking dawn

I'm falling, crashing like a shooting star
I'd given up on love until you stole my heart
Baby I've been chasing, racing at the speed of light
Until you took my hand
We're flying high tonight - yeah!

Till the end of the world
Till the sun explodes
Baby I am yours, You are my Universe
Till the stars collide
Gaze into my eyes
All I am is yours, You are my Universe

You are my Universe

Verse 2
Now we're lost in our galaxy, you and me
Every star aligns in our insanity
The love we got ain't mechanical, we're chemical
So attracted to a world we never knew



You're my northern star
Everywhere you are baby I am yours
You are my Universe...

Text přidala Yima

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