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Breaking Mirrors - text


Verse 1
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
I'm so tired of wishing to be something different

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Make me someone beautiful
I'm so tired of feeling what I am is nothing

Mirror Mirror
I'm seeing clearer
No more errors
I'm Breaking Mirrors
Mirror Mirror
No longer need ya
Hold my head up
I'm Breaking Mirrors

Verse 2
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Watch you break, I'll watch you fall
I know I am worth it
What I am is perfect

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Standing straight, I'm standing tall
You can't bring me down
No more pieces on the ground


Middle 8
Walking down the school hall staring at the floor
I would wish upon a star, Wishing to be something more
If I could go back I would tell that little girl
"No two notes are sung the same
Everyone's perfect in their way


Not a victim
I'm Breaking Mirrors

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