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Now it looks like a life
Missing something right
It grows into flower
With no shiny color
I’m still a gardener
And I can’t see the end
'Cause you’re at the end
And I don’t know where

Now it looks like a try
To make something right
I’d like to feel warmer
With you in a shelter
I’m still a gogetter
I would give up all plans
For you as my lover
I would go anywhere

I have just started
Watching you cry
For what you have done
For where we are now
Now look I lost some time
I drive myself nuts
It’s lifetime changeover
A painful hangover
It’s rusty and no gold

It’s time to scrifice
To be justified
With life as it is
Gotta focus on proces
Instead of small doses
Of the success and fame
It’s fucking lame
But I want it so bad

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