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Your Retro Career Melted - text


recovering slowly, a torso fell
from a beat up truck by a rural motel.
the manager seen how the truck bed bounced
while dust flew up with a rolling sound.
voices appear from the staff outside
in bulbous text in a western style
his mannequin neck spun to turn his face
the bars spills drunks out frame by frame
girls pushed girls side to side
to hear a suction sound as limbs realign
the crowd just seemed to multiply
they hear his plastic jaw as the news drops hard:
''your retro career melted''
they couldn't have agreed with the mannequin less
they didn't understand what the mannequin meant
the sound of a barreled gun held to the back
some plastic clicks as the shell parts pass.
flesh tone shards fly by wild
they fill a plastic bag with the parts inside
the bag got dumped, a town nearby
they reassembled fast as his voice dropped hard:
''your retro career melted''

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