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disolve 'fore our eyes
the prophet burn
a paradise
appear in screams
and raging fire
licks the flesh
of our sacrifice

If I could dream…
I would dream you through
An endless vision
We failed to see
Now burn the prophets…
For what they saw…
No hope, no future…
We failed to see…

Through life…

If I could dream…
We failed to see…
Our eyes were opened…
The Blind one's dream?
No time for reason
Down they fell
Before our eyes
Our blinded eyes

Through Hell…

"Eyes shadow blessed
by night light reaper
Of hollowed souls dressed
for their funeral
Stare through the abyss
Where the maggots are crumbling
At the core of the mass never born"

See the ghosts I left behind,
Upon the reeking pile
Of twisted human flesh
I stare and watch it grow,
Underneath the moon so cold
The ravens die as foretold
By the prophets in the flames
the Blind one smiles he knows our name

And we failed to see
If I could dream…
And we failed to see
If I could dream…
No time for reason
Down they fell…
Before our eyes
If I could dream…

Text přidal DevilDan

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