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I am the curse
To be fulfilled
I am the angel of murder
I have come for the kill

I am fire!
I am disease!
I am Nemesis!

What will you do when I am coming for you?
What will you do?
What will you do?
Will you try to escape me when you realise?
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?

I'll burn down the trees
All rotten and dead
To be able to see
The forest ahead
My method is madness
No more and no less
Than annihilation
With no greater finesse
I slaughter perspectives
The filthy collectives
Are subjects to actions
Abstract and corrective
This is a happening
Naive and surreal
A murderous concept
Of brimstone and steel

Our hearts are infested
With maggots and flies
Our souls have been sold
To the lord of reprise...

Nothing is sacred
What lie within reach
We plague and present
As our next masterpiece...

A ballroom chainsaw
Massacre waltz
With the accent on the first
Beat of three I assault

I'll make you a painting
Avant-garde? So Cliché!
The blood splattered canvas
I'll put on display

For all to see
In my sick gallery
A demented expose
Of art decomposed

Left there to die
On the walls crucified
Feeding the flies
Another strained smile...
Now good bye...

Finis coronat opus
Finis malorum

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