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Neo Star (EBM/Aggrotech) - text


I've come to take the souls from darkness
bring them to light
And all of hell cannot prevent this
this ends tonight
One salvation your redemption
the only way is Christ
So deliver them now from the hands of evil
Deliver them from demise

And all the rain that falls on me in time
will not erase the pain
And all the world could ever see was lies
they can't embrace the change
But there was a light that grew in me in time
my destiny awaits
To all of the darkness that confides in me
I'll plant a seed, I'm a Neo Star

No weapon shall prosper against me
I am reborn
The stain of sin shall die within me
favor is worn
We will kill the king of darkness
He is the lost
Empowered by God who lives within me
I am the star

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