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I Don't Care (Acoustic) - text

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Screwed my head on straight
I’ve got a piercing alibi, oh
I’m dull like the knife
Familiar from inside
Hoping to wade though this emotional pesticide
It looks so familiar, we look so familiar, don’t look so familiar
Cause I don’t care about the scars I wear them out so proud, so proud
So give me something that’s not on my list, failure to free air
the original, I’m not breathing now. with no help
I’m saying that I’m sorry for the weight
I can’t put down this axe and the lumber stacks high, still no room yet
For you to hold me close like a baby only knowing love, give me something to believe in
You give me something to believe in
I don’t care about the looks high brow is facing down, to the ground.
My dirty hands just turned into locked tight fists. failure to see fails.
cliffs, They just lift me off the ground
to help me find you somehow
These night I wait for the last call
When everyone’s the same, we find a way to fall
Without a drink at all
I screw my head on straight
I don’t care about the thin cold air, not coming down. I’m never coming down
You give me something to believe in, you give me something to believe in

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