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Well I
I am a time bomb and I
I lay forgotten at the bottom of your heart
I'm fine
Ticking away the hours to blow your world apart
I am a poison and I
I am still coursing through your bloodstream like a ghost
Like wine
Gathering vintage for the day I hurt the most
I am a land mine and I
I lay on the soil burned out by battles you thought you'd won
I've got time
To wait for the footsteps of a memory that's on the run
Well I
I am a tar pit and I
I swell like a living thing all at the slightest touch
A black grime, yeah
Swallowing everything a cold and timeless clutch
Well I am a trip wire and I
I'm stretching across the road you're barreling down tonight
A thinish twine
Waiting to be released right beyond your sight
Well I am a fault line and I
I'm pulling apart the ground that lay beneath
Your newest seed.. So fine, moving in inches now, I'm crawling, I'm cutting, I'm cleaving, like a knife
Well I
I am a time bomb and I
I only live in that one moment in which you die
It's not right, it's not what I wanted then but you know and I know there's no going back
I am a lost soul and I
I send out a sickened light for anyone to see... A
Cry for help, yeah, a warning to stay away... The burning... The blinding...
The reaching in darkness... Why, yeah, yeah

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