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This is the faith complex
Where all takes is another step so we can then step again
Its not all about the numbers
This is the faith complex
Try not to write another disappointing letter to integrity
Only go faster when you've stopped and thought
Only go slower when you've learned of wisdom
Everything is a question of goodwill
But we're too busy delivering answers with arrogance
Isn't it funny how one's compassion diminishes when his or her own perils rise?
Perils rise
It's not all about the numbers
What should we ask for?
Who should we look to if all we know is burning bridges?
Don't speak to me like I'm a stranger
Turn your thoughts to the roots
As we've all been caught up in the branches
With roots above and branches below
Don't run if you don't know your walk
This is the faith complex
This is a memoir to friends persisting

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With Roots Above And Branches Below

The Devil Wears Prada texty

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