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Admit defeat, be the model citizen,
baptized in the Church of Father, Son and Holy Gun, fed with the mass media lies, the modern seeds of life,
oblivious to the fact that the walls of this Rome are crumbling down.
Live in Decline!
We all live in great delusion, the 1984,
with a sheepish society like in Ancient Rome
It's time to regain our consciousness
before it's too late
The only thing aristocracy knows best is called greed
Just take a look around the world
and watch the tidal wave consume
the last islands of humanity and truth
as the world gets infected by a new strain
of fascism, hate, prejudice, bigotry and lies
we all must unite against this disease
We must rise up and take control
This is the end, the final lap, raise the checkered flag
This empire seems to be living its final days
So light the match and set the fuse and watch it all burn down
And by the dawn's early light victory we will cry

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The Great Delusion

The Desperate Mind texty

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