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The Epitaph Of A Drowning Nation - text


The common sense has lost the war
Admit defeat, be the model citizen
A slave to the state apparatus, another brick in the wall.
What we've once called the freedom of speech is now
the freedom to be oppressed.
It's sad that the laws that once were there to introduce morality
have these days nothing to do with reality.
But who would ever bother to read them, right?
We are addicted to medalized "truth".
And like every other drug, we love it, we breathe it, eat it for lunch, injecting it straight into our blood, while the dealer is laughing as we beg for more.
We went 40 years back into the future,
as the world is arming itself again,
and the Death is happily waving at us with its nucelar hands.

This is the end. It needs to be said.
The humanity is on its last lap, as it has seen the checkered flag.

This is not a warning. This already is an epitaph we're inscribing into our tombstone as we're dying.

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