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Smoochin' In the Ditch - text

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Well I've slept out
On these streets before
And I#ve drowned myself
In every bar
But not like I did with you
Now I've got one more night
Of tellin' lies
I hope they never televise
The things that I used to do
And now I'm on the run again
For the dumbest thing
That I ever did
And I don't know what I should do
You said "You can hardly see you
Won't get far"
So I let the dog drive the car
And hoped that I'd make it
And I did but I might be...
Goin' away for awhile
Goin' away for awhile
They might be shipping' me away to
Dead man's isle
And if I can't find a way to win
This dreadful trial
I'll be goin' away for awhile

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