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Looking For The One - text


I was walking along, on my way home
When I heard a funky sound yeah
Well I went through a door, and I wasn't so sure
Didn't know what I would find there
Should've kept moving on, but she was singing a song
That was wrapping around my soul
I was lost in the groove, and the way that she moved
With a motion that I've never known

And lord it made me realise
With every word she'd sung
My whole life I been trying
To find the one

I've been laying it down in every city and town
Wherever music takes me
But like a kick in the head, no matter what I have said
The one seems to escape me
Well there's a rhythm in life that you just can't deny
When it comes you have to grab ahold
So get out of your seat, sing and dance to the beat
And tell yourself to just let go

The music's got me hypnotised
But when the song is done
I'm still here trying to find
To find the one
Yeah I'm trying to find it yeah
I'm still trying to find the one

The music’s got me hypnotised
But when the song is done
I'm still trying to find it
Trying to find the one
And lord I've come to realise
I'm still trying to find
Find the one

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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