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Lock ’N’ Load (feat. Slash) - text


It's 9am down in paradise
A young boy stares through empty eyes
Makes his bed but in his head voices cry
Saying it's time to go
So look out

He always thought he’d see his name in lights
Everybody laughed at him no one realized
What he meant when he said its time
It's time to go

And no one can help him now
His minds already gone
Lock ’n’ load
Kiss the world goodbye
Lord when the serpent crawled through that open doo
Lock ’n’ load .. no one heard his cries
Can you tell me why?

When you can’t take it anymore
Where do you go where do you turn
Deep in your head voices burn
And you can’t escape
No you can’t run away

Dead man walking won’t live to fight
Children falling on every side
And he just stands there with empty eyes
Saying its time to go
Lock ’n’ load
Lock ’n’ load

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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