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Devil Out Of Time - text


Got something to say
And I don’t think that you’ll like it.
You pushed me again
And it's one too many times, yeah!

Be careful my friend
With the words that you are choosing
Now there's nothing to gain
And I'm not afraid of losing! (That's right)

Goodbye, its so long overdue
I've been trying, while you're crying the blues
So sick, of your words so malign
You helped make up my mind
And you're a devil out of time

You don't know the truth
Cause you're a liar and it suits you
Such a snake in the grass
But your karma's got a bite too

Goodbye, I'm so over you
Trying, while you're screaming the blues
So sick, of your words so malign
And now I've made up my mind
Cause you're a devil out of time

That's right
Piss off!!!

Goodbye, has been long overdue
Trying, you were crying the blues
So sick, your life's so malign
Now I made up my mind
You're a devil out of time…
That's right… ugh, eat it!!!!

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