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No One's Gonna Need You More - text

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I told you, "Life's not fair, at least we know why.
It's not an easy air to find
I watched you sink right in a bottle of wine.
It must've seemed like I could die.
And I was pining back
Turned out all the lights
and I could barely stand.
Coloring the lines in with my proper hand.
Lightly pushed away.
And I'll hold that waiting hand for you
and drown all the words out.
I couldn't make it passed those eyes.
I think I feel like the wind
Sometimes, I wish we'd try to begin.
No one's gonna need you more.
I've got mine. Moving cross the country
I lost track of time.
Trying to make a name for myself.
'Cause every lonely heart can use an honest song
to sing along to.
Your the home I've been dying to make
and the gold that God didn't take.
I'll hold that waiting hand for you.
and drown all the words out.
Fine, I tried, but falling back to sin
Those nights you were keeping me in skin
No one's gonna need you more
No one's gonna need you more
I hope you listen, I need forgiveness
we both can live with at all
either way I will reach you
Either way I was wrong
If not for this end, i'd still be wishing
I was right there with you and all.
either way I am see-through
Either way I'm not strong
I was staring out to things I don't want to face
I need back inside your veins, i'm dying out now

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