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I can feel the words
Digging through my skin
Can you hear my voice?
Is it reaching you louder now?
I have never wanted to disappear
Quite like this before
O' the long and distant despair
O' the long and distant despair

And if tonight
My soul my find her peace
In sleep I'll sink, in sleep I'll sink
And in the morning wake
Like the new day
Will you remember my face?
Though the years have washed you thin

I'm still holding on to your promises

Promise me, promise me
You'll remember
When your hours turn to violet

All these mistaken years
I still visit that old home of ours
Just to see the withered structure
And I'm holding on with these broken hands

O' the long and distant despair
The loneliness we share
I was reaching out
I was holding on
Just to feel your grace once more

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