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It's so cold and I don't know
If I can make this my home
'Cause sometimes you make me feel so numb
So alone
Can you even see me?
Are you awake?
Maybe just keep your eyes closed
Now this is so old and I don't know
How you don't know, don't you want to grow?
Has too much damage been done?
I don't know if I can save this one
Or if I want to, or if I want to
It's hard to forget what you've done for me
And how it felt at the start
But I can honestly say you still have my heart
You want to know how to fix the end
Can't you feel it?
I loved you
But I don't anymore
After this is done we'll try to pick our life up off the floor
Is the last one we love
Not just the last one that we found?
I've been trying to hold on to love
And I don't feel anything else
You are my light
You are my light
You are my light
You are my light
You are my light

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