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True Love, True Hate - text


he moonlit path is empty. it fills me nothing.
cloudy memories of what the perfect life is.
losing sight of what is real.
overgrown fields leaving me feeling lost.
within my abode is memories of nothing.
one love keeps me going and always will.
wilting roses hanging on to the sun's shadows.
surrounded by stranger with no love left.
true hate is is becoming normal.
true love maybe the only thing i have left.
coming of age is merely a milestone of what i havn't achieved. days feel like weeks gone by.
feels like im living a lie. november has never felt so cold. walking her to the train station, ive never felt so alone.
i don't know if i can do this anymore.
when will i see you again?
life isn't worth living without you by my side.losing sight of all true reality.
everything is becoming a formality.
im scared that no one ever cared.
the rain has settled, only leaving pain.
it's still cold outside.
now gasping for my final breath.
has my life come down to this. theres no love lost.

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