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Ye Rambling Boys of Pleasure - text


(with Loreena McKennith)

Ye rambling boys of pleasure, take heed to these words I write
I see you are a roving lad, in that I took great delight
I fell in love with a handsome man, who ofttimes did me slight
But my mind was never easy, only when my darling was by my side

It was down by the banks of the river Lea, first I saw this man
'Twas there I saw my own true love, these words to him did say
I see you take love easy like the green leaves on the tree
But he being so young and so foolish, with me he would not agree

'Twas the second time I saw this man, I knew his heart was mine
But like the weather it do change, this young man did change his mind
He said "gold is the root of all evil, it do shone like the glittering dew
It's the cause of a lad and a lass for to part, though their hearts be ever so true

Now there is one thing that do grieve me, to be called a runaway
To leave where I was born-ed in, may kind heaven pity me
To leave the ones I love behind, but alas, what can I do
And tonight he'll go courting another young girl, a girl I don't know who

How I wish I were in Willow town, my true love with me
And money to support us, keep us in good company
With money to support us, both growing old at each other's side
Misfortune will never daunt us for we are young and the world is wide

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