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March to Battle (Across The Rio Grande) - text


(with Banda de Gaita de Batallón de San Patrcio, Liam Neeson, Los Cebzontles nad L.A.Juvenil)

We are the San Patricios
A brave and gallant band
There’ll be no white flag flying
Within this green command;
We are the San Patricios
We have but one demand
To see the Yankees safely home
Across the Rio Grande

But when at Churubusco
We fell to Yankee hands
No court of justice did we have
In the land of Uncle Sam;
As traitors and deserters all
We would be shot or hanged
Far from the green, green shamrock shore
Across the Rio Grande

We’ve disappeared from history
Like footprints in the sand
But our song is in the tumbleweed
And our blood is in this land;
But, if in the desert moonlight
You see a ghostly band
We’re the men who died for freedom
Across the Rio Grande

We are the San Patricios
A brave and gallant band

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